Friday, May 12, 2017

Catching the instant bug...again.

When I was seven or eight, I obtained my first camera. It was a Kodak Handle instant. It was much like the Polaroids of the day. I remember being fascinated by making an exposure and watching the print develop in front of me. It kindled my interest in photography which would continue and develop my entire life. I'm still learning. Instant photography became 35mm film, which then became digital and here we are.
A while back, I saw a documentary about the demise of Polaroid film and its resurrection by a group of instant geeks who call them selves "The Impossible Project."  This group has begun refurbishing old cameras, manufacturing new instant film and allowing us to relive the instant photography thrill again.
After watching and doing some research, I had the bug again. The desire to make instant photographs with temperamental film on original machines that reminded me of what sparked my interest in photography as a boy. I recently received my 40 year old, rebuilt Polaroid SX-70 camera and several packs of film to begin this venture again. To relive the excitement of instant photography and introduce it to my kids so they can hopefully be amazed and intrigued the way I was at their age. One image, no computer, no editing, all camera, and maybe a small gift to send with a friend to hang on their fridge that nobody else has or gets to see.
Instant film and the antique cameras are tricky, frustrating, and a test of patience, but completely satisfying when the image finally appears. This is my first test shot. Her name is Molly.

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